DecoShield Systems Inc.

On behalf of DecoShield® Systems, Inc. I am pleased to present the modular DecoShield® Systems and other compatible products.

The DecoShield® Systems can be used in new construction or in existing buildings to cover unsightly piping, cables, conduits, etc.

Our experience and total dedication to the fire sprinkler retrofit industry has equipped us to help you in many ways . Not only by providing you with a UL – Listed premier, modular cover/support system, but also by helping you with design, installation and anchoring problems.

Our reputation for quality and service has been instrumental in making us the number one supplier to the sprinkler retrofit industry, and we are well on our way to becoming the system of choice for covering plumbing piping, mechanical lines, wire, cable, and medical tubing.

Take a look at our product line and you will see why DecoShield® is, indeed, “The Creative Cover”.